14m Sedan - Bell' Aria

Bell Aria had to have the ability to cruise in the low-twenties without running the engines anywhere near max cruise RPM this is why the twin QSB 330’s were chosen running conventional shafts with the propellers in tunnels. The hull form has generous chine beam moderate dead-rise, with a fine entry developing into straight buttock lines in the aft sections. The bottom is also slightly convex in section athawartship further enhancing the sea keeping performance. This, in my opinion is the most efficient hull form for this configuration, which has been reinforced by the vessels performance. The hull also incorporates my standard silent chine arrangement. As there is no chine flat entering the water this eliminates chine slap at rest yet retains a dry soft ride while under way. The hull is further assisted by one lifting strake per side positioned below the static waterline running through to the transom.